Last Will & Testament or Living Trust:

Gate City, Inc. is dedicated to improving the lives of deserving students in the Atlanta, GA area. We have been doing this for over 16 years by providing annual college scholarships ranging from $500 to $1500 to socially and economically disadvantaged students. Our scholarships are awarded every October at an annual Scholarship Banquet, where we invite the recipients and their parents to celebrate their accomplishments.

In addition to our scholarship program, we also sponsor various community events throughout the year, such as Thanksgiving Baskets to widows and the elderly and volunteer at the Hot Chocolate Walk. We also organize career workshops to empower students to make informed career choices. All these events are made possible through the dedication of our Board of Directors, who are all volunteers and community leaders.

If you believe in our mission of empowering deserving students and would like to support us, consider making a lasting impact through your estate planning. Naming Gate City, Inc. as a beneficiary in your Last Will & Testament or Living Trust can create an endowment that will ensure your continued participation in our mission far into the future. Without a will or trust, state laws will determine who will inherit your property at your death, and state laws do not include charities like Gate City, Inc. as beneficiaries. By including us in your estate planning, you can ensure that your legacy will live on and benefit the community.

Life insurance gifts are another way to make a significant contribution to Gate City, Inc. Consider naming us as a secondary or back-up beneficiary of a life insurance policy or even your retirement plans in case other beneficiaries named are deceased at the time of your death.

If you are interested in making a gift that keeps on giving, consider making a permanent endowment. By making an endowment agreement that states that the principal shall never be invaded and that income is paid out to support a designated cause through Gate City, Inc., your gift will be “forever.” Trusts are another way to make a gift to Gate City, Inc. in the future. You may set up the trust now and keep the income for yourself or other beneficiaries as long as you choose, or for life. Charitable Remainder Trusts allow you to make a gift to Gate City, Inc. while retaining income from the gifted asset during your lifetime and that of your spouse, and there are special tax benefits for these kinds of trusts.

Finally, stocks and bonds make excellent gifts to Gate City, Inc. If you give these securities to us during your lifetime, you may be entitled to special tax considerations. If you are a stockholder in a closely-held corporation, consider having the corporation make a gift to Gate City, Inc. Some corporations also have programs to match gifts made to charities by their employees and retirees, which is a way of greatly increasing your gift to the charity.

Your support and generosity can help us continue our mission of empowering deserving students in the Atlanta, GA area. Please consider making a gift to Gate City, Inc. today.